Sunday, October 18, 2015

Replaced and balanced the tires on my XR650L

Well, I am trying to save some money by installing my own tires on my bike.  I bought some tire irons and checked out a couple of videos online and went to work.

Below is the front tire removed.  It was the original with the bike.  Both are Dunlop.  The new tires are D 606.

I static balanced the tires.  Made sure that they did not stop in the same place when spun lightly.

Front axle parts.

I used an atv jack to hold the bike as you can see in this picture below.

Going back together.

The speedometer must go under the tab sticking out from he fork.

Now the back tire.

All done

I have read that these tires need to be broken in on the street.  It is true as they are a little sketchy on the street when I test road the bike.  I have road about 100 miles on the street and they seem to mellow out now.  Now to get them on the dirt.

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