Saturday, March 26, 2011

Touareg Headlight Bulb Replacement

This headlight assembly is larger than I would have thought.

You can see a plug where the assembly gets its power.  I was expecting a wire to be hanging from the back of the assembly.  Also notice the larger black cover with a spring lock.  This is where the actual bulb is located.

It is very easy to get to by sliding the lock to the side as shown.

Then remove the cover and the HID bulb is right there.

The bulb is also held in place by a spring holder.  If you look closely, you can see small metal fingers holding the bulb all around the sides.  These fingers hold the bulb in place and you have to work the bulb in and out to remove and replace it.

There is this wire harness that attaches to the side of the bulb.  It pulls right off.

Don't touch the bulb as the oils on your hands and fingers will damage and shorten the life the bulb.

To remove the headlight assembly, use the provided tool that comes with the Touareg tool kit.  It fits the crank to assist with removing the headlight assembly.  It clicks, then moves the headlight towards the front of the vehicle.  Once you are at that point, these tabs below will stop you from completely removing the assembly.

While pushing with your left hand on the assembly towards the front you must use something (the owners manual says to use the crank tool but I used a long thin screwdriver which worked better) to push this tab down at the same time.  Once you get past this tab, the assembly comes out easily.

I used this long screwdriver to push down on the release tab.

You can see below where to insert the tool to push down on the tab.

You will have to angle the tool and push out the light at the same time and light should come right out.