Thursday, May 19, 2011

Received my case back

I received my case back from Headflow Masters about a week ago.  Adrian did a lot of work on this case to bring it back to life.  This is a used case that I bought for $200 on the Samba.  It is a 1970 type 3 case.

As you can see below, Adrian added ports for a full flow system.  This is better for my application because this case is going into my 1971 bus with the rear hanger.  Full flow oil pump covers usually interfere with the hanger with exception of the berg cover.  Also, most places will drill into the rear facing oil galley for the return which would require a 90 degree fitting.  That fitting would interfere with the pulley tin and therefore would require some clearancing.  

Lots of welding.  Adrian did all the welding first then machining.

Bored for 94s and decked to clean up the cylinder registers.  

I wanted this case to be strengthened so Adrian welded behind number 3.

Also for some longevity, I had shuffle pins added to keep the center bearing in place better.
Obviously I had the case align bored too.  Even though the case was standard, it needed to bored to + 0.040" over to clean up all the issues.

A type 3 case does not have a dip stick provision for the upright motor.  So I had one installed by Adrian.  I could have used the bolt on dip stick that bolts to the rear bottom of the case.  But it would not be located in the correct position for to go through the tin.  I did not want to have to drill new holes for the dip stick.

The case had some wear above the cylinder as you can see below where Adrian put down a weld bead to fill in where the tin wore into the case.  It was pretty deep.

Below is the ball, spring and plug for the full flow system that Adrian has created.  There is a sleeve that he installed inside the bore for the oil relief valve.  So I will not be using the piston that goes into the bore.  I will use the ball below.

Adrian also decked my oil pump surface.  I will have to make sure that the cam and oil pump have enough clearance when mocking up the engine.

I still need to remove this stud and replace with a different size to install the dog house cooler.  I will also need to drill those two holes out to fit the cooler.  The upper engine mount on the drivers side will need the permanent nut installed as I will not have access to it when the dog house cooler and fan shroud is installed.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Vintage Volkswagen Spring Festival

On May 15th, Jessieca and I attended the Vintage Volkswagen Spring Festival in Carlsbad, CA near San Diego.  It was a drizzly day.  Not good for a car show.  Everyone was wiping down their cars due to the light drizzle all day.  We don't get very much rain here in SD so even when it comes at an inopportune time, we will take it.  Anyway, no rain while Jess and I were there.

I took pictures of the cars and buses but they were pretty crammed in therefore there was not much room to take pictures.

This car was just interesting with all the rust.  Only a show car.

I would really love to have a thing.

Lots of nice buses.

Custom interior in a splitty.

Kinda like the rust bucket above with the brushed on paint designs.

Really nice pick up.

Cool ambulance.

Fire vehicle.

Very clean splitty with a turbo no less.

The steering wheel looks very expensive.  Lots of gauges.


Same guy from the Coronado show.

Nice split window.

We hung out for about an hour or so.  It was a nice show and of course we had a good time.  I don't know of any other shows in the near future.  I will have to do some research.  Until then, I will be posting about my case that I got back from Headflow Masters this past week.