Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chasing the infamous oil leak

As I have stated in previous posts, I have an oil leak that is coming from the flywheel area.  I am also having leaks from the rear of the engine.  That may be that the rings did not seat well and I have blow by now which is pushing oil out of the dip stick hole.

This pic is of the cam plug which I found to be leaking as it is wet with oil around the plug.  It is hard to see in the pic.

So, I split the case as I needed to get to the leak from the cam plug.

These are pics of the disassembled engine.  I will be taking out all plugs from the oil galleys to clean the case well.  I will then take the case to Adrian Audirac here in Vista to clean and inspect the case.

The lifters looked really good.

The bearings looked ok.  There were a few scratches on them but overall looked good.  The surfaces on the cam and crank looked good also.  Nothing a good polish won't fix.  The lobes on the cam looked good (not going flat so the breakin procedure worked).