Sunday, July 28, 2013

First post this year

I have been busy with my vehicles but have not been posting.  We also picked up a new car for my wife.  I got some new tires and front brakes for the Egg also.  I have been working on the bus somewhat, bought another truck for my wife's son, cleaned my gun and worked on my atv.

My wife's 2010 Audi A4 quattro that was traded in for the 2013 S5 below.

Of course I am still driving the Egg.

The shop is taking shape.  I have a few things stored in it now.

The working area of the shop.  The beginning of the engine build for the bus in the plastic bag that is in front of the bus.

New Ford Ranger for my wife's son.  It is a 2002 with only 48K miles on it when we bought it.  Still new!

More shop decor.

I tuned up the 400.  I had to pull off all the plastic to work on it.  Removed the carb to clean it up.

I have check engine lights on the Egg and on my wife's daughter's Explorer that I need to get to next.  All of this is making it very difficult to get to my bus engine build.