Thursday, August 27, 2009

Carbs and last few items

Getting close. Carbs now installed with linkage.

The motor is ready to install into the bus. Notice the SS heater hoses. Best investment in heater hose I ever made.

This motor is a 1915cc with dual 40mm Delorto Carburetors. Heads are 040 with mild p&p with 40x35.5 SS valves with HD springs. Case and heads were done by Headflow Masters. The cam is a Engle 100. Crank is a CW 69mm. Distributor is a 019 refurbished by Glenn Ring. CR is 8.2 to 1.

Exhaust and fan shroud

Painted and installed the exhaust and all of the tin is now installed.

Fan shroud going on along with flaps and thermostat (can't see).

Heater boxes

Differences in heater core of aftermarket boxes and OEM boxes. Notice the size of fins inside. The aftermarkets are larger and less of them.

Heater boxes getting installed.

More views of heater boxes and now lower tins installed.

Cylinder tin and thermocouples

Here the cylinder tin is installed. Also, CHT senders are installed. I JB welded them adjacent to the spark plug hole just enough to get the spark plug installed. One sender per cylinder.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rockers and pushrod tubes

Rocker geometry being verified.

Pushrod tubes now installed.

Rockers installed with valve covers. Also the oil pressure sender now installed.

Oil cooler and crank pulley

Installed the oil cooler.

Installed pulley tin and pulley. The pulley is a steel pulley rather than aluminum.

Oil Sump

This is the extension for the 1.5 qt sump. I added the screen since I will not run the stock screen. This will keep bolts and other large objects out. I will have a magnetic drain plug. I will also have a remote oil filter.

Adding a 1.5 qt sump. As you can see, I also installed the full flow fittings on the case.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Piston and Cylinders

Here the 1 & 2 pistons and cylinders are installed with the air deflector.

Now the 1 & 2 head is now installed.

The 3-4 cylinders and head are now installed.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Installing components onto closed case

The case has been closed. The distributor drive shaft end play was set to about .035". Installed the distributor and fuel pump block off plate.

Here the alternator stand is installed as are the head studs. Flywheel is also installed.

Here the oil pump is installed along with the oil pressure relief valve and oil temp sender.

Installing components in case

Case has been decked and align bored. I cleaned up the push rod tube openings so they don't leak.
This case is what I used on my orginal motor. The original had approx. 45K miles before I found the thrust bearing rotating a little. I was in there to repair an oil leak at the main seal. The case is an AS41.

Just installed a German oil pickup tube and started installing cam bearings. Rubber o-rings were installed on the main bearing studs.

Lifters are installed. Cam and main bearings are also installed.

Crank shaft with cam and distributor gears installed.  I blued the cam gear a bit heating it up to get it on. Hopefully it will be ok. We will see.

Crank shaft with rods. Cam and cam gear installed. Greased up ready to close the case. I have already check clearances with oil pump and cam gear. Rods were statically balanced.