Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4-30-10 camping trip

This is why I go to McCain Valley for camping and hiking.  You never know what you might find out there.  Jessieca and I went hiking for about an hour or so and were resting up high on a large rock when she asked me if anyone lived out here.  I said no way, we are too far out and there are no roads out here.  She said " what is that house over there then", and I said "what!?".  So I broke out the binoculars and looked at what she saw.  Here are a couple of pics of what we saw.  This pic was taken from the rock we were resting on.

This pic is a close up from the rock we were on.

So we decided to hike out to the house and check it out.  It was pretty scary at first like the movie The Hill Have Eyes.  Jess did not want to go in at first but I was determined.  The building is all shot out as you can see when you click on the pic and enlarge it.  Just look through the front windows and door and you can see through the house.  The red cylinder next to the house I believe is a water tank.  It is just a few rooms inside with not much drywall left.  It had some kind of running water and working bathroom at some time as there was a toilet inside (all broken up).  Also, as you can see, there is not really and access other than a small dirt road that we found when we got close.

One of our favorite spots at McCain.  This is in the cottonwood campground.

Actually first time camping with the Egg that did not involve a trailer (usually riding ATVs).  I have to learn how to pack it without a trailer.  I did not do so well this trip because I could not get everything we wanted in the Egg.