Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Touareg AC fan replacement

Before leaving for our road trip. I needed to replace this fan.  Over the last few months, my AC has been making a funny noise where the fan seemed to be slowing to a stop and I would get no cold air.  If I turned down the speed of fan, it would at least run and give cold air.  Since we were going on an extended road trip, I wanted to make sure that the AC worked well.  Here is the fan removed with the new replacement on the right.  I bought the replacement from Rockauto for much less than the dealer but it is the same fan.

Different views.

The old fan had a lot of dust and debris which I am sure that it was from the brushes wearing out.

I had to remove the passenger side panel below the dash.  No clips, just pry off from the side closest to the seat.

One set of wires connected to the panel on the right and the wires connected to the fan on the left.

Location under the dash where the fan resides.

Overall not a hard job.  It took me about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.