Saturday, August 25, 2012

Getting Married Today

Well Jessieca and I are finally getting married.  We will be married today on the Emerald (yacht) in San Diego Bay.  We will be taking a road trip to San Francisco.  We will take the Egg.   We wanted to go in the bus but it is not ready yet.  So the Egg will be packed for camping and hotel stays.

We will start by leaving on Wednesday next week.  First stop will be in a Malibu beach campground for a night.  Then to Pismo Beach.  We will stay in a hotel there to get a shower.  Then we are off to Big Sur for some camping in the Big Basin state park with the giant red woods for a night.  After that, we are in San Francisco for three nights.  Then back home with a stop at a Santa Barbara beach campground.  Hopefully there will be many photo opportunities.  We are excited about the trip and hope all goes well.  I may blog while on the trip, but we may be having too much fun to stop and type.  So I will at least update when we get back.

See ya then.