Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have not gone camping in some time now so I figured I would post all my pictures of camping trips from the past.  So I have tried to arrange them so that the same location is together.   However, each location may have several trips grouped together.

The first is my favorite location for camping.  It is McCain Valley near the town of Boulevard in Eastern San Diego County.  The campground that is pictured is called Cottonwood.  It is about 14 miles in on a dirt road that winds through some scenic areas.

 The above is one camp site that is within the Cottonwood campground.

This picture is a different view of the above camp site.

This one is one site to the right from the site above.  That is my daughter playing some video game at the table.  This picture was take several year ago.

This is a third camp site that I stayed in within the Cottonwood campground.  


On the 14 mile dirt road, these wind mills can be seen on the nearby indian reservation.

This picture is actually off the beaten path of the dirt road.  This is the Impossible RailRoad built in the early 1900s.  There are several tunnels built in this mountain track.  Many men lost their lives building this in the past.  

There are many views from McCain Valley.

This is one the view points that you can get a vehicle.

You can see the view behind my bus.

Jessieca texting with a great view in the background.

Pictures on the way to the Cottonwood campground.

I actually used my bus to pull a trailer with ATVs to the dunes.  This area is called Buttercup.  Buttercup is about 15 miles west of the Arizona and California borders.  It is just north of the Mexican border by about a mile.  Very nice smooth dunes for some nice riding.

When I want to ride on some hard pack, I go to Ocotillo Wells.  The above picture is when I first started pulling a trailer with the ATVs.

The above picture is Buttercup again but with a new trailer and we brought a friend of my daughter.

Another picture of Buttercup camping/riding.

Once I bought my Touareg, I used it to pull the trailer with ATVs.  However, I had to tent camp when using the Egg.

Another picture of my Touareg in Buttercup.

The next few pictures are on Laguna Mt in San Diego County.  This area is about 5000 feet in elevation.  

This picture is of Cibbets Flat at about 4000 feet in elevation on Laguna Mt.

The next few pictures are Burnt Rancheria on Laguna Mt.  Burnt Rancheria is about 6000 feet in elevation.  The Pacific Crest Trail is close by and makes for great hiking and scenery.  

The hiking was very good around this campground.  The biking was a little tougher as we were not in good enough shape for the elevation.

Jessieca and I have done some camping at the beach also.  This is South Carlsbad State Beach campground.  It is not easy to get a good site here because you have to reserve the site and a lot of people camp this campground.

My site was not on the beach side of the road but was not bad.  I was a fun time that weekend.

If you really tried, you could see the Pacific Ocean from the site.

Jessieca during a hike on the Pacific Crest Trial.

Your truly when I shaved my head clean.

Here is Jessieca posing with my bus on top of Laguna Mt.

This campground is Green Valley Falls.  It is in the Laguna, Cuyamaca Mountains.

This is the Grand Canyon.  We camped about a quarter mile from the rim.  My daughter and I stayed 5 days.  We drove there from San Diego with my bus.

My daughter and I took a scenic tour of the canyon.

Me again

My daughter Alexa.

That I pretty much all my pictures of camping.  I have camped more and I actually have more pictures but they are not digitized (is that a word).  I need to get working on my bus so I can get more pictures and more adventures.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

San Diego International Auto Show

Jessieca and I attended the San Diego International Auto Show in downtown SD.  It is always fun looking at the new cars. Below is the new Boss 302 Mustang.  It is a pretty impressive car.

The few shots are camping vans by Mercedes and Ford.  They are impressive vans but for about $80K so they are not cheap.

I really liked this Ford.  Very urban assault vehicle look!!

There were a couple of clubs exhibiting at the show which was a nice surprise.  Strictly Vintage and San Diego Air Cooled Syndicate were the two clubs.