Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Air bag lamp

I can't seem to get away from the Egg.  I do have a little over 109,000 miles on it.  So I guess some things are going to wear out.  This is all keeping me from getting any time to work on my bus engine so I can get it back on the road and give the Egg a break.  The bus has not been on the road in over a year now and that is not good.  But I must keep working which means I have to keep at least one vehicle working.

This air bag lamp in the center of the dash keeps flickering and seems to cause an air bag fault that alarms on my dash.  If I knock on the lamp itself, the lamp will illuminate and the fault will clear.  However, it will come back soon after that.  I have finally purchased a new lamp and have installed it.  It is easy with the appropriate tools as seen below.  It took me about 5 minutes to replace this item.

Below are the tools (the four on the right) that I used to remove the radio.

The tools are inserted with the notch towards the inside of the radio.

As you can see below there are four of these tools that insert to release the radio.  

Once inserted, just pull on them and the radio pulls right out.

For this job, I did not remove any wires from the radio.  I just moved them out of the way to do what I needed to do.

There is the culprit.  


Notice the small notch that it aligns with.

These tabs must be pushed inward to release the tools used to remove the radio.

Just push the radio back into place and you are set.  Pretty easy.