Saturday, April 23, 2011

Motor Cars on Main Street in Coronado, CA

Jessieca and I attended the Motor Cars on Main Street in Coronado Ca on 4-17-11.  It was a bit cloudy that day but the sun came out for some time.  This show was free for viewing so it was a no brainer to spend a Sunday afternoon in Coronado next to the Hotel del Coronado.  The cars were 1972 or older for this show.

One very nice Malibu.

First volkswagen we saw at the beginning of our walk.  However this car is not aircooled.  

The toy above is the same as the baja below.  A very nice baja that IS aircooled.  This baja was just in front of the red one pictured above.

Pictured below is the interior of the gray baja.

Pictured above and below is an example of a stock 66 Mustang.

Below is the straight six cylinder for the 66 Mustang.

Nice row of early Corvettes. 

What do ya know, another early San Diego Police car.

Shotgun and all.

Nice splitty.

I thought this Camaro was just very clean.  The engine looked right off the show room floor.  Very nicely done.

Nice triple carbed engine in this GTO.

Couple of nice old Porsches. 


Above is Jessieca (on the right of the Cobra) checking out the nice Cobra.

If you look where the front of the hood is, you can see the top of the radiator that is tilted towards the rear.  You can barely see it but it is a big radiator in there and it had to tilted to make it fit.

I liked this Jeep.  All stock.

Below is another picture of the GTO with the triples with the hood closed.

Nice Jag.

Now this is a SUV.  

Vintage RV.

At least the show had a few aircooleds showing.

I talked with the owner of this bug.  He had to demonstrate the semaphores that were installed in this bug.  

Semaphore demonstration.

Here is a truck we found towards the end of our walk in the show.

Bamboo interior.

Now this Crown Victoria was very interesting.  I have never seen nor heard of this type of car.  It has a large sun roof that is not retractable but has a retractable headliner when you want some shade.

I thought this was a very clean and well done car.

Again, we had a good time at this show.  It got sunnier as the day went on.  We spent about 1.5 hours at the show.  We learned that there will be another show in our neck of the woods for SV2s in Carlsbad CA in May so we  maybe attended that one also.  Till then, stay aircool.

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