Monday, November 16, 2009

New Front brakes for the Touareg

I ordered new front brakes from Arletta Truck parts online from Club Touareg. These cost me $480 for rotors, pads, sensors and hardware. I received them today 11-16-09.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Limped home

The bus limped home yesterday when coming home from work. The 2 year old gremlin struck with a vengeance. I tried shutting off the motor and checking spark in all cylinders. Nothing made it run right this time. So I just left for home about 22 miles. I made it without issue but the power of the motor was way down. I needed to pull the motor to see if I could find anything in the ignition or carburetor systems. So I took Friday off work even though I really needed to work but no car so what are you going to do.

I pulled the motor then removed the spark plugs. I found the #1 spark plug seemed gas fouled as it appeared wet but was not wet. It had a glazed look to it. I also found the spark plug (#2) with the CHT sender under it was leaking. I replaced the glazed plug and moved the CHT to the #3 spark plug and hopefully it will seal better there.

I also removed the tops of the carbs and remeasured the float positions. The left side upper position was correct but the drop position was too much (about 15mm). So I adjusted it to about 12mm. The right side seemed out in both positions. I adjusted them into the proper positions of about 5mm and 12mm. But I also found a clip that holds the float in the bottom of the bowl. This may have been the 2 year old gremlin giving me issues intermittently. So I will reinstall the motor today and we will see if I indeed fixed the gremlin.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

More tuning

I just ordered more Brad Penn 10w/30 motor oil. I tried to order from LN Engineering but their website does not seem to work so I ordered it from another site. I can not remember the site name so I will have to get back to it later. I will be doing an oil change in a week or so.

I also ordered some jets for the carbs. Right now I have 1.25 mains and .55 idles. I ordered 1.20 and 1.22 mains and .58 idles from CB Performance. My motor seems a bit mushy on the top end hence the smaller mains. With the .55 idles, the idle adjustment is about 5.5 turns out with a hint of spitting from the carbs once in a while. So I will go with the next half size larger to get the number turns out down a couple of turns and to see if the motor will run without any spitting from the carbs.