Saturday, June 23, 2012

More shop additions

I added a few things to my shop this past weekend.  I hung my dart board in one of the two offices.  This is the front office (considered the lobby of the unit) where I set up my work out equipment.  The throw line for the dart board is right at the doorway from the lobby to the warehouse portion of the unit.  Here is a picture of the dart board hung in the "work out room".

I finally bought a creeper.  I am trying this molded plastic one.

I also got this stool that raises and lowers with a tool tray for the base.

I also bought is grinder stand for my grinder that was mounted to my workbench prior.  I like it because it is very easy to get to now.

Lastly, I obtained this drill press from my father's tool collection.  He passed away two years ago but a lot of his tools are still in the garage where my mother lives.

Now, I need to start using these things to get my bus back on the road.  So hopefully I will be posting some progress on the engine soon.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A little doodling in the shop

I have this step stool that I obtained from my grandparents when they passed.  Not a big deal in regards to the step stool, just where it originated.  Anyway, here it is in my shop.  It is the green thing on the right.  It obviously folds for storage.

So, I got the itch to clean it up and paint it black with some cool step covers.

Lots of sanding to remove the old paint and rust. 


The steps were covered by this cardboard type thing you see here.  There were plastic fasteners holding the cardboard on the stool.  This was on the top step.

This was on the bottom step.  It was glued to the stool.

The other side.  

This is the finished product and the look I was trying to achieve. 

I am happy with the way the stool turned out.