Monday, November 7, 2011

New workshop/garage

I finally did it.  I leased a space to do work on my bus and Egg. Or anything else for that matter.  The work area is just under 1200 sf.  There is some office space also that is handy for taking breaks.  Anyway, here is how it looks without too much stuff in it so far.  I will be moving my things in over this month (November).

Lobby area.

Office space

Just pulled the bus into the shop.

Used my new tow bar.

Got the ATVs in now.

Once I get set up, I will start working on getting my bus on the road.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Camping Equipment

Well, I received some new camping equipment for my birthday from my babe.  Jessieca bought me a Weber Q grill.  Take a look.

I can't wait to use it.

Monday, August 8, 2011

McCain Valley camping trip 8-5-11

Another trip to McCain Valley.  However, it is always fun to go.  We got to the camp site around 1:30pm Friday afternoon.  It was about 93 degrees during the day and cooled to the low 60s on Friday night.  Saturday was the same except when night rolled around.  Sleeping with only shorts on the night before, I decided to the same on Saturday night.  While sleeping, I felt a chill which woke me up and I was very cold.  I checked the temp and found it to be 51 degrees.  A bit too cold to sleep with only a sheet.  At least for us southern california types.

Anyway, here is our camp site.  Very shady most of the day.

We thought that there would be no water because the water wind mill was not working.  But there was pressurized water some how.

Not too many people camping this weekend.

The next shot is from the entrance of our camp site.

The famous camp fire.  

The messy camp site.  I used my trailer mostly because I could but so Jess could sleep on the way by letting her seat all the way back.  So I could not bloat the Egg.  Therefore I used the trailer.

This is my music set up during camping.  It is a deep cell battery with a inverter hooked up.  I can run the boom box non stop all weekend and still have plenty of juice left in the battery to jump a dead battery to start a car.

Our restroom/dressing room

The Egg got a little dirty.  We took it out offroading on Saturday.  Went about 20 miles of dirt roads and   and some hill climbing.  Nothing too serious though.  However, it was fun hauling down the dirt roads.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Air bag lamp

I can't seem to get away from the Egg.  I do have a little over 109,000 miles on it.  So I guess some things are going to wear out.  This is all keeping me from getting any time to work on my bus engine so I can get it back on the road and give the Egg a break.  The bus has not been on the road in over a year now and that is not good.  But I must keep working which means I have to keep at least one vehicle working.

This air bag lamp in the center of the dash keeps flickering and seems to cause an air bag fault that alarms on my dash.  If I knock on the lamp itself, the lamp will illuminate and the fault will clear.  However, it will come back soon after that.  I have finally purchased a new lamp and have installed it.  It is easy with the appropriate tools as seen below.  It took me about 5 minutes to replace this item.

Below are the tools (the four on the right) that I used to remove the radio.

The tools are inserted with the notch towards the inside of the radio.

As you can see below there are four of these tools that insert to release the radio.  

Once inserted, just pull on them and the radio pulls right out.

For this job, I did not remove any wires from the radio.  I just moved them out of the way to do what I needed to do.

There is the culprit.  


Notice the small notch that it aligns with.

These tabs must be pushed inward to release the tools used to remove the radio.

Just push the radio back into place and you are set.  Pretty easy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Received my case back

I received my case back from Headflow Masters about a week ago.  Adrian did a lot of work on this case to bring it back to life.  This is a used case that I bought for $200 on the Samba.  It is a 1970 type 3 case.

As you can see below, Adrian added ports for a full flow system.  This is better for my application because this case is going into my 1971 bus with the rear hanger.  Full flow oil pump covers usually interfere with the hanger with exception of the berg cover.  Also, most places will drill into the rear facing oil galley for the return which would require a 90 degree fitting.  That fitting would interfere with the pulley tin and therefore would require some clearancing.  

Lots of welding.  Adrian did all the welding first then machining.

Bored for 94s and decked to clean up the cylinder registers.  

I wanted this case to be strengthened so Adrian welded behind number 3.

Also for some longevity, I had shuffle pins added to keep the center bearing in place better.
Obviously I had the case align bored too.  Even though the case was standard, it needed to bored to + 0.040" over to clean up all the issues.

A type 3 case does not have a dip stick provision for the upright motor.  So I had one installed by Adrian.  I could have used the bolt on dip stick that bolts to the rear bottom of the case.  But it would not be located in the correct position for to go through the tin.  I did not want to have to drill new holes for the dip stick.

The case had some wear above the cylinder as you can see below where Adrian put down a weld bead to fill in where the tin wore into the case.  It was pretty deep.

Below is the ball, spring and plug for the full flow system that Adrian has created.  There is a sleeve that he installed inside the bore for the oil relief valve.  So I will not be using the piston that goes into the bore.  I will use the ball below.

Adrian also decked my oil pump surface.  I will have to make sure that the cam and oil pump have enough clearance when mocking up the engine.

I still need to remove this stud and replace with a different size to install the dog house cooler.  I will also need to drill those two holes out to fit the cooler.  The upper engine mount on the drivers side will need the permanent nut installed as I will not have access to it when the dog house cooler and fan shroud is installed.