Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Camping Equipment

Well, I received some new camping equipment for my birthday from my babe.  Jessieca bought me a Weber Q grill.  Take a look.

I can't wait to use it.


Jeremy said...

LUCKY! That looks awesome! I've had my eye on one of those for a while now. Is he going to cook something for you on it?

Jeremy said...

I think I thought that the blog author was the girlfriend, and the boyfriend got the girlfriend the grill... now I'm thinking that it's just the opposite. Either way, it's still an awesome gift.

The Volkster said...

Thanks Jeremy. Yea, the latter is true. Probably the pic on the home page makes it confusing but that is a pic of my girlfriend.

Brook said...


I just read through your blog and it's fun. I too have a Westfalia and am still in restoration mode. Ours is a '68 Westy and we've had it for years. As soon as it's road ready, we'll be getting our camp on! Hope your Bus gets up and out soon! We'll have to meet up one day, as we're also San Diegans.