Thursday, November 5, 2009

More tuning

I just ordered more Brad Penn 10w/30 motor oil. I tried to order from LN Engineering but their website does not seem to work so I ordered it from another site. I can not remember the site name so I will have to get back to it later. I will be doing an oil change in a week or so.

I also ordered some jets for the carbs. Right now I have 1.25 mains and .55 idles. I ordered 1.20 and 1.22 mains and .58 idles from CB Performance. My motor seems a bit mushy on the top end hence the smaller mains. With the .55 idles, the idle adjustment is about 5.5 turns out with a hint of spitting from the carbs once in a while. So I will go with the next half size larger to get the number turns out down a couple of turns and to see if the motor will run without any spitting from the carbs.


The Volkster said...

My oil and jets should be in by this weekend so that I can install and change the oil.

The Volkster said...

So I bought the oil from SPC Racing (speed custom performance).

The Volkster said...

I changed the oil yesterday. I also changed the oil filter.