Sunday, April 3, 2011

La Jolla Motor Car Classic

Jessieca and I attended the La Jolla Motor Car Classic this weekend.  It was a nice day despite what the weather man said.  I didn't take pictures of all of the cars as I like looking at the cars and taking pictures  takes away from that for me.  Anyway, I took more pictures this show than I ever have before.  

Above, Jessieca (in the brown) is checking out some MBZs from the old to the new.  

I took several pictures of Porsches.

This car above was just interesting.

Of course the Bugatti was a cool car to look at.

I thought this  old school SDPD cruiser was cool.

Here is the only volkswagen addition as long as you don't count Audi, Porsche, Bugatti, Bently or any other car maker vw owns.

Nice air brush work.  Classic Rock musicians are depicted all over the bus.  

Non stock interior in the rear but very well done.

Surf board to go with it with a nice roof rack to hold it.

Very large rag top.

There is leather or similar material covering the dash.  Also it has some modern accessories.

Coverings also on the shifter, e brake and steering.

Seems to be a good overall job.

Visor above windshield.

Those bumper stickers are not stickers at all, they are painted on.  Everything you see is painted.
Randy Hutto is the owner of this bus and is the owner of a local shop here in San Diego called Randy's Foreign Car Clinic.  I talked with him for just a couple of minutes but he seemed to be a cool guy.

A booth had some pictures for sale of the bus above.

I love nice engines!

A wild ride.  Not sure how safe.

I love engines!

A different kind of air cooled vehicle.  However this is a three wheeled vehicle.  One wheel in the rear.  The interesting this about this is it is a 2010 vehicle.  I would not have thought that.   It is a Moto Guzzi engine.

Overall we had a good time at this show.   

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