Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Case clean up

If you remember back a few months ago, I had a case crack repaired.  Well, I did not use that case.  The crack on the inside went through the main saddle stud holes.  This means that the oil may leak into these holes then out of through the washer and nuts on the side of the case.  I did not want to take that chance.  So started looking for a new used case to use in my bus.  I found the case below that was out of a 1970 type 3 based on the numbers.  I bought the case for $200 plus shipping.  The case has standard registers and main bearings.  So this thing has never been rebuilt.  It also had an extra ordinary amount of dirt coated on it that was thick and stuck on.  These next few pictures show a case half that I already cleaned off most of the dirt.

Below is where the case half is pretty clean.  I will clean again one more time.

Below is the other case half.  The other side was just as bad as what you see in the next few pictures.

Kind of a before and after shot but actually each case half with one side not cleaned yet.

I had shots of the process of cleaning but I guess I did not save them.  Anyway, the next few pictures are of both sides cleaned.

There was a lot of dirt removed from these case halves.  

Now the case is at Headflow Masters to get machined for 94s, aligned bored, full flowed, case savers, weld behind #3 and shuffle pinned for good measures, and add a dip stick as this case does not have one.  I will tap the oil galleys and fix up the oil cooler mounts to fit the dog house oil cooler.  

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