Monday, June 7, 2010

Touareg Woes

The Touareg has been having its moments lately.  It has a bit over 80K miles and several items are needing replacing such as timing belt, water pump, thermostat and all the pulleys and tensioners that go with it.  However, while waiting for my appointment to replace my keyless entry unit by the dealer that was malfunctioning, the Touareg decided to overheat.  On the side of the road, I did all of the usual things such as check for leaks, check for water in the oil but nothing could be found.  So I called a tow truck to get it home.  After getting towed home, I checked the coolant level and found it to be a bit low.  I added water and it took only about two cups of water so not really low.  I then did some research and concluded that the thermostat was the culprit.  I called the dealer for a price and since the thermostat is behind the timing belt, and decided to get it all done while I was at it.

$1400 later, I was on my way home from the dealer and the Touareg overheated again.  I called the dealer back and they came and got the Egg and gave my another loaner.  The next couple of days and I got the Egg back working in regards to the overheating.  I forgot to check the keyless entry while at the dealer.  I checked when I got home it was not working.  So I called the dealer back.  I still need to bring it in to have them look at the keyless entry again.

Now, I have yet a new problem that just came about.  Now, the Egg is cranking over but not starting.  It has done this to me on three different occasions.  After about a dozen tries and waiting several minutes, it finally starts.  I did some investigation and have determined that the engine speed (RPM) sensor is going bad.  I worried that one of these times it will not start at all.  I will be testing the sensor this week if I can physically locate it.  If bad, I will replace it.  It appears to cost about $70 to $100 to buy online. More on this later.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, what was the cause of the overheating after the timing belt service? I'm betting trapped air in the cooling system.

The Volkster said...

You are probably correct as I did not get an actual cause. I really don't like dealers so I have not been back since that time.