Thursday, November 8, 2012

San Diego to San Francisco and back road trip

Jessieca and I were married back in August of this year.  For our honeymoon, we took a road trip from San Diego to San Francisco and back.  We started off by camping the first night just above Malibu on the beach at a camp ground called Leo Carrillo.  The camp ground was crowded for a Wednesday night.  Also everyone seemed to want to pass through our camp site to go to the restrooms.  Not cool.  

The next day we headed to Pismo Beach where we stayed in a hotel to get a shower after a night of camping.  Below are some shots of where we stayed and the surrounding area.

Below is a picture of the grounds outside our room.

We took a walk on the beach.

Random rock on the beach.

Sunset at Pismo Beach.

The next pictures are some VW toys that were in a store display.  The store was closed or I might have bought some of these.

After Pismo Beach, we headed north to Morro Bay.  

While eating a restaurant, we spotted some seals resting on the rocks outside the window where we ate.

After stopping for lunch in Morro Bay, we headed north again to the Big Basin state park just below San Francisco.  However on the way we stopped a saw these whale seals (I believe) on the beach.

During this stop, we took a couple of scenic views.

This is how we traveled.

We are now in the Big Basin state park with Redwood trees all around.  Very cool.

Then off to San Francisco.

We took the cable car because I have never been on it before.  

Jessieca looking very uninterested.

And my goofy self.

The bay bridge.

Some entertainment we checked out.

We took a bike ride along the water and rode down one of the piers (pier 7).

We were in San Francisco for 3 days.  Once we left San Francisco, we headed back to San Diego but stopped just north of Santa Barbara for one more night of camping a El Capitan campground on the beach.  This was a very nice campground with not too many people.  No pictures unfortunately.  

We were gone for 7 days taking our time checking out the sights.

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