Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cylinder tin and thermocouples

Here the cylinder tin is installed. Also, CHT senders are installed. I JB welded them adjacent to the spark plug hole just enough to get the spark plug installed. One sender per cylinder.

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The Volkster said...

Well the JB weld thing worked. But when I removed the spark plugs, the senders came loose. I could not reinstall them because I did not have time to wait for the JB weld to cure. I bought another sender and put under the #2 spark plug without the JB weld. I actually figured out a way to get it on without it twisting and not seating well. I created a relief space next to the spark plug hole for the sender connector. Using the sender wired, I hold the 14mm connector in place and then start threading the spark plug into the hole. This worked well but I had to have a good sight line to get it all lined up. This required me to remove the motor from the bus.