Monday, August 17, 2009

Installing components in case

Case has been decked and align bored. I cleaned up the push rod tube openings so they don't leak.
This case is what I used on my orginal motor. The original had approx. 45K miles before I found the thrust bearing rotating a little. I was in there to repair an oil leak at the main seal. The case is an AS41.

Just installed a German oil pickup tube and started installing cam bearings. Rubber o-rings were installed on the main bearing studs.

Lifters are installed. Cam and main bearings are also installed.

Crank shaft with cam and distributor gears installed.  I blued the cam gear a bit heating it up to get it on. Hopefully it will be ok. We will see.

Crank shaft with rods. Cam and cam gear installed. Greased up ready to close the case. I have already check clearances with oil pump and cam gear. Rods were statically balanced.

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