Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Treg maintenance

I will be changing out the rear tires and changing oil and filter this weekend.  I will give an update this weekend.  I am doing this before I dig into the bus more to investigate a pretty bad oil leak.  I may be that I tear down the motor to fix (possible cracked case).  So I will do this Treg maintenance before I have my bus in the garage taking up all the space.

I changed the oil and filter on 3-1-10.  All went well.  I used Mobile One 0w-40 and bought the filter, o-rings and new washers for the drain plugs on line from ECS tuning.  Good prices and lots of parts for the Egg.

On 3-19-10, one of the ignition coil packs failed on the egg again.  First time was the #2 and this time was #5.  It cost about $150 at the dealer to get it replaced.

So I started investigating a Vag-Com scan tool for the Egg.  Ross Tech is the one to get but it runs on windows and I have a Mac.  I don't want to run windows on the Mac.  In my investigation, I found a VAD system that uses a Palm pda.  You buy the software and cable from VAD for about $250 and download the software onto the Palm pda and then you can use this to scan your vehicle as the Ross Tech software.  I am going to go the VAD route.  I have bought a pda off of ebay for $30 and should have it in a few days.  I will be purchasing the VAD software once I get the pda in my hands.

If this pda works with the software and I can successfully scan and update the electronics on the Egg, I should be able to see what cylinder has a defective coil pack and replace if for $20 rather than the $150 at the dealer.  The coil pack puller cost about $20 and coil packs themselves are about $20 also.


vw camper said...

Oil leaks and VW engines go together, look at the pushrod tubes and make they're not leaking first - a pia to fix but not as expensive as a new case

The Volkster said...

I don't agree that VW engines have to leak oil. I have checked the pushrod tubes already and they are dry. It appears that the oil is coming from the pulley (possible blow by) and from behind the flywheel. What I don't know is that is it from the rear seal or galley plug or a crack in the case.

The Volkster said...

So I purchased the VAD system that can be installed onto a palm pda. I am waiting for the cable which should be here on Friday. I have downloaded the software to the pda and so far it appears to be working. I do need the registration code to activate it to actually scan the Egg. I am hoping and everything I have read or asked says that this should work as good as the Ross Tech system. I will compare what I can do with this system with others that have the Ross Tech system. I will post back when I have more information later this week.